she made a journey in the middle of the night

she sailed across the sea and the sky

to accept every possibility

I want to make a time capsule


I want to know how far we will change

you are too greedy, you want more and more and more

possibly, but maybe, I just feel empty

every breath is a new beginning
a new chance
a new hope

Itsuka mata aeru..

A poet cried last night.

He has no words anymore.

Every word has lost its meaning.

if too bright light can make you blind and cannot see,

so what is the difference with the darkness without a light?

tanjoubi omedetou :)


The Last (by WongFuProductions)

A short film about the people you have loved and how it has shaped you and who you end up with.

There is a very expensive price that you have to pay if you want a normal life, just like most people, and to feel accepted, because you are similar with them.
The price is your true self, or maybe your dreams.
And you know, I refuse to pay.